News Highlights


May 9

For his breadth of research and for his more recent advances in neuroscience, professor of psycholgy Gregory Ashby has been awarded the 2017 Howard Crosby Warren Medal by the Society of Experimental Psychologists (SEP).

Ashby’s research takes a three-pronged approach: empirical data collection, cognitive neuroscience and mathematical modeling. Indeed, the award recognizes his “innovative and foundational theoretical and empirical work linking mind and brain in computational and mathematical models of learning and categorization.”

May 2
UC Santa Barbara applied psychologist Richard Mayer has devoted his career to formulating principals of instruction that teach people how to apply what they learned to new situations. His recent research shows that multimedia instruction is particularly effective, and in the 21st century, computers have made that easier to execute than ever before.
For his efforts, Mayer has been chosen by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) to receive the 2018 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award. The highest honor conferred by the APS, the Cattell Award recognizes distinguished APS members for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to applied psychological research.
Apr 25

UCSB's 5th Annual Grad Slam competition took place over the week of April 17th, featuring 71 graduate students giving three-minute talks about their research. Students from more then 30 disciplines participated, with the top prize going to Leah Foltz, who studies biomolecular science and engineering, and runners-up awards going to Max Mowak, a chemical enginnering student, and Eric Jorgensen, who is in the theater studies program.