Unit Governance

Departments and programs must have bylaws to guide decision-making about personnel issues, leadership, and committee structure and membership. These bylaws describe the implementation of University of California Academic Senate Bylaw 55 (“Departmental Voting Rights”) and may also describe the relationship with other governing bodies such as the Academic Senate.

Other policies and procedures that may be included in departmental and program bylaws include the following:

  • Membership of the unit
  • Voting rights and procedures
  • Administration of the unit
  • Duties and responsibilities of members
  • Meetings
  • Election process
  • Elected, appointed and ad hoc committees
  • Procedure for amending bylaws

The department chair should notify the divisional dean of any proposed changes to departmental bylaws. A bylaw change that involves faculty voting procedures will require additional review by the Academic Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP).

Changes, when approved by the dean (or dean and CAP), should be incorporated into the full bylaw text and forwarded to the divisional dean.