The College of Letters & Science, the main undergraduate school at UC Santa Barbara, offers a comprehensive liberal arts education. Undergraduates are able to take advantage of great opportunities to learn, discover what interests them, engage in advanced research and creative activities, and to prepare for a wide variety of careers. 

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General Education Program

The undergraduate curriculum encourages exploration and intellectual breadth through the completion of the General Education Program. The program helps students develop habits of mind and approaches to scholarly inquiry that are important within all disciplines. 

UCSB Catalog

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Undergraduate Research

UC Santa Barbara is a renowned research university, and undergraduates are as much a part of the research community as the faculty and graduate students. Research offers students the opportunity to delve deeper into any subject, whether in a science lab, at the library, in the field gathering data, or even by making a film. 

Research Opportunities

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Advising Services

To help students make the most of their education, the college offers a wide range of advising services to all undergraduates. Options include professional advisers, student peer advisers, and specialized advising for students interested in medical or legal careers. In addition, there are academic advisors in every department and program in the college. 


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Unique Opportunities

Undergraduates in the College of Letters & Science can study abroad (or closer to home with UCDC and UC Sacramento), pursue independent research, or explore a topic in depth with a Discovery @ UCSB seminar.  

Academic Enhancement Opportunities